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Extra-Curricular Activities

            We are proud to offer a range of extracurricular activities to our students. Our dedicated staff allow for a wide
            variety of choice in areas such as sport, music and clubs. We encourage all students to take part in extra-
            curricular activities, allowing them the opportunity to flourish as individuals outside of the classroom. The
            school prides itself on its participation in, and successes in, various competitions. We have achieved national
            awards in Student Enterprise, the Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition, AIB Build-A-Bank Challenge, Mission
            Possible; School Achievement Awards, Young Biodiversity Photographer of the Year, Junk Kouture, Cookery
            along with regional awards in Student Enterprise to name but a few. Students are also active in fundraising for
            numerous charities. Those who benefit from this include: Sosad, Concern, Enable Ireland, and Autism Ireland.
            The fundraising is aimed at fostering a sense of Christian responsibility and social justice in the Students.

            List of Sporting Facilities

            •  All-weather pitch                              •  Table Tennis tables
            •  Soccer pitch                                   •  Assembly hall for indoor sports
            •  Basketball court                               •  Use of local sports complex & swimming pool.
            •  Tennis hard court                              •  *New Sports Hall Sanctioned in December 2018
            •  Pool table

            Specialist Rooms

            Design Communication Graphics, Technology, Home Economics, Art and Music all have fully equipped dedicated
            rooms. In addition, there is a Science Laboratory, Career Guidance – Counselling Office, Library, Additional
            Learning Needs rooms and a Demonstration room to facilitate guest speakers and group workshops.

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