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            Green Flag School
            We have set up a Green Schools Committee to work at making everyone in our school more conscious of
            recycling and saving energy. In May 2014 we achieved our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste. In May 2016
            we achieved our second Green Flag for Energy.  We are currently working towards achieving our next green
            flag for water. Students are encouraged to be part of this committee. Your involvement in this committee will
            make our school a Greener School.
            Student Leadership

            All of our students are encouraged to join in with the development of our school community. Student Leadership
            can take many different forms in Royal School Cavan. The following are some of the ways our students have
            become active citizens in our school community and as a result have enriched our learning community:
            •  Member of the Green schools’ committee         •  Taking a lead role on the sports field
            •  Member of the Student Council                  •   Educating their Peers on Drug and Alcohol
            •  Member of the Christian Union                     Misuse
            •  Member of the Student Wellbeing committee      •  Setting up a School Bank
            •  Taking part in Fundraising Activities          •   Getting involved in various competitions and
            •  Completing the Gaisce Awards                      projects such as Junk Kouture, SCifest, Creative
                                                                 Engagement, debating, etc…
            •  Becoming a Prefect                             •  Member of the School Choir/School Band
            •  Developing a Mini-Company

            Student Council

            The student council consists of two representatives from each year, elected by the general cohort of students
            in the school. The Student Council meet regularly and work closely with the school leadership team to ensure
            that our school is a safe and enjoyable place for all members of our school community. The council strives to
            construct a positive learning environment for our students and gives them a platform to use their voice to raise
            issues and implement change. A member of staff will liaise with the Student Council and through the Council
            links will also be formed between the students and the Board of Management.

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