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          Digital Learning at Royal School Cavan

          Here at RSC we recognise and appreciate the value technology has in both teaching and learning. The use of
          technology develops a wide range of critical skills, such as digital literacy, innovation, and collaboration.
          Royal School Cavan offers a fully equipped computer suite, along with two Chromebook trolleys, with 24 Chromebook
          in each trolley. The trolleys allow for the Chromebooks to be used within base classrooms.
          G Suite is an online platform used in our school to support our student’s learning. Each student is given a school
          Gmail account, and through this, they have access to a number of Google Apps such as Google Docs, Google
          Classroom and Google Meet. All teachers in our school use Google Classroom in order to set homework, upload
          learning materials or to correct student assignments.
           With recent upgrading each classroom can access the internet and utilize digital projectors in their everyday teaching.
          We have 100MB speed broadband and WI-FI throughout our school.
          Students are educated about the effective and acceptable use of technology, and this use is constantly monitored.
          We have developed a Digital Learning Plan (DLP) and we are currently trailing various strategies to incorporate ICT
          methodologies into our teaching, learning and assessment.

          Board of Management

          The Board of Management of Royal School Cavan consists of a chairperson, a non-voting secretary, two nominees
          from the teaching staff, four nominees from the Board of Governors and two nominees from the Parents’ Association.

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