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            Transition Year Programme (Compulsory)

            Transition  Year  has  been  in  existence  in  our  school   Overview of the programme
            since 1994. The programme is compulsory  and      Within our school the core subjects of English, Irish
            focuses on four main areas:                       and  Maths  are  continued  with  four  class  periods
            •  Continuation of the core subjects              per week. All students continue to study French and
            •   Subject sampling for the Leaving Certificate   sample  Leaving  Certificate  subjects.  We  provide  TY
               programme                                      specific  modules.  The  modules  include:  Japanese
                                                              Culture,  Product  Design  &  Development,  Design
            •  TY specific modules and subjects
                                                              Communications  and  Graphics  (DCG),  Music,
            •  Once off calendar events                       Performing  Arts,  Sports  Coaching,  Photography,  Art
            Our Vision                                        and Cookery.

            To maintain an effectively pupil-centred TY Programme   Subjects  specific  to  TY  students  are  also  provided;
            with maximum whole school and community           these include Career Guidance, Tourism Awareness,
            involvement. Each student should continue to      S.P.H.E,  Mini  Company,  World  Religions,  Steerclear
            develop academically, socially and personally and at   (Driving  Theory)  and  Computers.  Also,  within  our
            the end of their TY each student will have developed   timetable we have a double period for visiting speakers
            all the skills necessary to successfully complete their   and a double period for Physical Education (PE).
            Senior Cycle.

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