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             Junior Cycle Curriculum

             First year students will study the compulsory subjects. They will subject sample all five optional subjects over
             a six-week period before selecting two optional subjects to study with their compulsory subjects for their
             Junior Cycle programme.

             Compulsory Subjects
             Irish, English, Mathematics, French, History, Geography, Business Studies, Science, Physical Education (PE),
             Religious Education, Civic, Social & Political Education (CSPE) Social, Personal & Health Education (SPHE),
             Learning-to-Learn and Computer Studies.
             Optional Subjects:

             Home Economics, Applied Technology, Visual Art, Music, Graphics

             Leaving Certificate

             Fifth year students study all the compulsory subjects and select an additional four optional subjects to study
             as part of their Leaving Certificate programme. Our option blocks for Leaving Certificate are created each
             year based on student choice that year. This ensures that the students shape the senior cycle subjects offered
             in the school in any given year.
             Compulsory Subjects

             Irish, English, Mathematics, Physical Education (PE), Religious Education, Well-being, and Career Guidance.
             Optional Subjects:

             Home Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, French, Technology, D.C.G., History, Geography,
             Accounting, Business, Art, and Music.

             Subject bands are generated each year in order to meet the needs of our students.

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