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Regular Reporting to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

            Exam  Years  (3rd  &  6th  Years)  are  formally  assessed  in  November  and  in  January/February  through  Pre-
            Examinations. A comprehensive report is available to parents on our VSWare portal.
            Non-exam years (1st, 2nd TY and 5th Years) are assessed continuously and comprehensive reports are available
            for parents on VSWare during November, February and May/June.
            Parent-Pupil-Teacher Meetings Each year group have a formal a Parent-Pupil-Teacher meeting during the
            school year. However, parents are very welcome to make contact with the school if they would like to arrange a
            meeting to discuss a particular worry or concern.

            School Website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Parents have full access to our website where they can view
            updates of all the school’s activities.

            Our Academic Record

            Learning is at the heart of what we do. A tradition of excellent Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate results
            exists in Royal School Cavan with subjects performing well above the national average. This is due to the positive
            and innovative learning environment that permeates our community and the small class sizes. Over 40% of our
            students secured 500 points or more in the class of 2021 while 20% obtained 600 points or more.

                               Confidence, Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication,
                                     Creativity, Commitment, Craftsmanship.

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