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            We place a strong emphasis on wellbeing at Royal School Cavan. Our Wellbeing programme is managed by our
            Student Care & Support Team and our Student Wellbeing committee.  Assemblies each morning and planned
            wellbeing events ensure that students are given the correct forum to discuss issues that are important to them, in a
            friendly and supportive environment. The Student Care & Support Team ensures that all topics applicable to each
            year group are discussed with the ultimate aim to enhance student’s wellbeing and educational progress.
            We are delighted to fly the Pieta House Amber Flag in our school. This flag awards schools who lead programmes
            in their school that create a healthy and inclusive environment. An environment that supports mental wellbeing and
            eradicates the stigmas associated with mental health issues.


            Every student in the school is entitled to respect and to be free of any type of bullying. The school works proactively,
            as far as it can to prevent bullying from taking place. A “reform don’t blame” approach is adopted by the school
            to deal with bullying. The school has an anti-bullying charter and a specific email for students to report bullying;

            Career Guidance and Counselling

            Our Guidance Counsellors are available to students on an on-going basis for advice on subject and career choices.
            They are integral in providing our students with personal, vocational, and academic guidance.
            The Guidance Counsellors works with all senior students on an individual basis working on college applications and
            access programme applications. Students and their parents are very welcome to access our Guidance Department to
            discuss any matter relating to career and subject choice.

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