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Some other elements our students                    Awards
          experience include:                                 At the end of the year a presentation night is organised
          •   Participation in the Gaisce – The President’s Award   by the students.  Parents, teaching staff, visiting speakers,
            (Bronze medal).                                   members from local businesses are invited to this night.
          •  Four day out-door pursuits programme.            The student’s display some of their work and talk about
                                                              the various activities they got involved in during the
          •  First Aid Course with CPR.
                                                              year along with performing snippets from their various
          •  Swimming/Aerobics and Self-Defence classes.      modules and courses taken during the year.  Certificates
          •  Study skills and Job-Hunting Workshops.          are given to the students and photographs taken for the
          •  Two separate weeks of work experience.           local paper.
          •  Mock interviews.                                 Evaluation
          •  Community Work.
                                                              Each year our programme is evaluated by TY students,
          •  Fundraising                                      parents and teachers.
          Assessment in TY
          TY students are assessed three times a year – mid
          November, mid-February and end of May. A credit
          system is used to report a student’s progress to their           “A school that fosters
          parents/guardians, this records their written work,          highly curious young people”
          behaviour, attendance and attitude. Development and
          presentation of an e-portfolio accounts for 40% of the
          student’s final mark in TY.

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