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Focus on our WSE-MLL Inspection 2017

            A Whole School Evaluation – Management, Leadership and Learning inspection was carried out by a team of
            DES inspectors in November 2017. This is what they said about our school:
            •   Leadership of teaching and learning is very good.

            •   The acting senior management team’s leadership and management is very good, with a clear focus and
               strategy for developing improvements and creativity in learning and teaching.

            •   The overall quality of teaching and learning was good to very good, most lessons showing very effective

            •   There are very positive and supportive interactions between teachers and students and a stimulating
               learning environment was provided in the majority of lessons.

            •   There was a high level of student engagement in asking and answering questions.
            •   The timetable is well-designed, with a very good distribution of subjects throughout the week, which
               supports learning.
            •   There is strong evidence of leadership capacity being developed among teaching staff and students.
            •   There is a strong culture of enterprise education within the school and considerable success of students in
               enterprise competitions.
            •   50% of the teaching staff are involved in the TL21 (Teaching & Learning in the 21 Century) project which has
               resulted in the development of a collaborative learning community.

            “Preparing young people not just for a life of tests, but for the tests of life” (Art Costa)

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