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            First Year Induction

            At Royal School Cavan we understand that the transition from primary to post-primary school is a time of great
            change and challenge. All our students are supported and directed through this new phase in their education
            in a number of ways:

            All First-Year students receive a full day introduction to life at Royal School Cavan at the start of the school year
            and a 20-hour transition programme over an eight-week period. A mentoring programme is available to all
            First Year Students to help with their smooth transition from primary to secondary education. Form 5 students,
            through the mentoring programme, help our First-Year students integrate into the life of our school. On this
            introductory day each first-year student meets with their 5th year mentor who assists them with their timetable,
            their locker and layout of the building.
            Each First-Year class is assigned a Form Teacher (tutor). The Form Teacher will meet the class each day. The
            role of the form Teacher is primarily a pastoral one. They keep in close contact with the class to ensure that each
            student is settling in satisfactorily and that the class are working well together.

            There is also a Year Head assigned. The Year Head works closely with the Form Teachers to try to make each
            student’s experience of life in Royal School Cavan a productive and happy one. The Year Head will also deal with
            matters of discipline.
            All students will sit the CAT-4 examinations during the 3rd week of September. This will provide data to ascertain
            each student’s learning strengths and areas for development. Students will also take the New Group Reading
            Test (NGRT) Digital. This is an assessment toolkit that measures your child’s reading progress. This assessment
            will Following this, students may be allocated additional supports to help them flourish.
            All Form 1 students are strongly encouraged to get actively involved in both the sports and extracurricular
            programmes on offer in the school.
            A First Year Awards Ceremony takes place at the end of the school year. Students are nominated for awards
            in recognition of:
            •  Attendance and Punctuality                     •  Academic Endeavour
            •  Active Participation in school life            •  School Ethos Award
            •  Entrepreneurial Endeavour

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