Award Winners 2021:

Congratulations to all the winners of TY awards.

Student of the Year
Jonah Beju

Spirit of Transition Year
Megan Griffith Keane

Neven’s Cookery Competition Winners
1st – Carley Byers
2nd – Shazeya Ahamed

Photography Competition Winners
1st – Jonah Beju
2nd – Joe Mitten
3rd – Matthew McCauley

Photographer of the Year
Matthew McCauley

Prize for Fundraising
Graeme Garland (Raised €315 for Focus Ireland)
Total raised by students and staff was €1075

History Student of the Year
4R – Megan Griffith Keane
4S – Shazeya Ahamed

Maths Student of the Year
4R – Faith Jameson
4S – Shazeya Ahamed

Young Social Innovator
4R – Tyana Pratt-Clarke
4S – Jonah Beju

Geography Student of the Year 
Ava Nesbitt
Runners up – Charlotte Moore, Olivia Moore and Jonah Beju

Fáinne Cup
Charlotte Moore and Olivia Moore

Investment Challenge
Tyana Pratt-Clarke
Shazeya Ahamed

Best Mini Companies 
Epoxy Designs
Daniel Bernotas, Olivia Moore, Charlotte Moore  and Christopher Clarke
Always there Bear
Daphne Keyes, Megan Griffith Keane , Ava Nesbitt, Faith Jameson and Rachel Smith

Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Megan Griffith Keane

Deputy Head Girl
Megan Griffith Keane

Deputy Head Boy
Obi Nzewi