All of our students are encouraged to join in with the development of our school community.
Student Leadership can take many different forms in Royal School Cavan. The following are
some of the ways our students have become active citizens in our school community and as a
result have enriched our learning community:

  • Member of the Green schools’ committee
  • Member of the Student Council
  • Member of the Christian Union
  • Taking part in Fundraising Activities
  • Completing the Gaisce Awards
  • Becoming a Mentor
  • Developing a Mini-Company
  • Taking a lead role on the sports field
  • Educating their Peers on drug and alcohol misuse
  • Setting up a School Bank
  • Getting involved in various competitions and projects such as Youth Connect, Junk Koture, Scifest, Formula1, Creative Engagement, debating, etc…
  • Member of the School Choir